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The  Gallery
                  of  Artisans

Christmas 2023


I believe that there is power when creators are passionate

not only about their own work,

but in supporting and celebrating the success of other creatives too.

I've decided to gather & highlight some high-quality artisans on this page.  Some of the artists I know personally,

others I "know" through their online presence,

& all of them create work that I admire.


As creators I believe that lasting success only happens

when competition is removed, & widespread support of creatives occurs.  

Thank you for coming to my site & supporting me.

I invite you to also check out the work of these amazing artists,

& give them sustenance too.

When choosing artisans that I share here, I consider these things:


  • A wide array of creative work including pottery, fine art, textiles, and more.

  • Work that is current, fresh, and original in concept and execution.

  • Work that nourishes individuals and makes this world a more beautiful place.

  • High-quality and seasoned talent.

  • Artists that nourish their creative business with intentional and well curated websites, and social media accounts.

  • Artisans who care about the work of creatives as a whole, and are not solely seeking their own success.

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