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Thank you for exploring the SACRED SOJOURN SERIES: BRUSHSTROKES OF BIBLICAL BACKGROUNDS.  This project is in an effort to assist our family through the potholes in the road right now.   To provide for our needs and make this project successful, I need help growing my audience to a broader reach.  Anything you can do to assist is graciously appreciated.  


  • Every Tuesday at 7 pm MT, I'll be sharing an original alla prima painting with my email subscribers.  “Alla Prima” is an italian phrase that means ‘at first attempt’, where I complete the painting in full with a wet-on-wet approach (generally from start to finish in one sitting).  

  • They each feature a landscape of places Christ himself walked.  

  • All pieces will be unframed, and likely be 11x14 or smaller. 

  • You can expect a lower price tag than my more developed work as well.

  • Project duration is uncertain, depending on life circumstances, but possibly about 2-3 months or 8-12 pieces.

  • Please take note that each week my email subscribers will get an email and private access to the painting online.  The painting will be made public on my website and shared with my social media followers a day or two later, if not already purchased.


My little family and I are so grateful to you and your support.  You have buoyed me up during uncertainty time and time again, and I'm so thankful for the love I feel from you.  Thank you for your purchases, print gifting, collaboration opportunities, and sharing my work with others. 

God is good.  And thank heavens, so are you ;)
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